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At Drive Yourself, we provide automatic driving lessons for drivers across the Northside of Dublin and the Inner City. Our experienced driving instructor will support and encourage you as you learn to drive.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Our qualified Driving Instructor can help you learn how to drive your car in the lead up to your driving test and after. From starting, to steering, to stopping and slowing down, we understand how to support you as you begin your driving journey. It is important to learn how to drive correctly, in the beginning, to avoid picking up bad habits.

Our automatic diving instructors are based on Dublin’s Northside and are available for lessons and pretests before your test to ensure you are well prepared and ready to pass your test. We also offer Motorway lessons after your test to ensure you are comfortable driving on every road in Ireland. 

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Why learn to drive with us?

At Drive Yourself, we understand the importance of a great support system as you learn to drive using an automatic car. We want to help you develop the skills needed to be a safe driver both before, during, and after your test. Our team are on hand to help you learn how to navigate using your automatic car in a safe and supportive environment.

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Safe driving for life

We all know that driving safely is important. At Drive Yourself, we want to help you ensure that your driving sets you up for life. Our driving instructor will guide you through your lessons and teach you how to control your car and speed safely. It will also benefit you in terms of your insurance premium!

Our lessons will teach you the correct way to drive: car positioning, observation, speed, and all the skills you will need after you test when your instructor is not beside you. A good start is half the work.

We also offer Motorway lessons following your test. It is important to remember that even after your test, there is still more to learn. Our motorway lessons will ensure you are comfortable driving on every road in Ireland. 

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Learn the necessary skills needed to drive your automatic car with confidence!

Following your test, many drivers fall into bad habits in driving. This means they have less control, their stress levels increase and they put others at risk on the road. Our aim is to teach you the necessary skills to ensure safe driving for life!

I cleared my test today 27/10/17. By getting instructions from Udo this time, he made sure he doesn’t leave any stone unturned. He gave it his 110% which made me push even harder. Especially focused on my weak areas and the test was an easy pass. Everything we practiced in those weeks ahead was practically what was asked in the centre. I recommend him for the rest of my life.


Muneeb Shahid, Drive Yourself
When we fail to prepare we prepare to fail?

Karen Ni Shiuin To Automatic Driving Lessons. Udo is a fantastic and very patient driving instructor. My mam, my sister and I had no driving experience when we started with Udo and we all passed our tests first time. I had a new challenge in every lesson and always felt like I was improving.


Karen, Drive Yourself

Passed 1st time 20th December 2015. Udo was absolutely fantastic and helped me to pass my test first time. He was incredibly patient, especially as I was very nervous to begin with. He was always giving advice throughout the lessons and via text when needed and was happy to answer any questions along the way. I know there is no way I would have passed without such a great instructor. Thank You!


Helena Quilty, Drive Yourself

I started to learn to drive just 2 years ago. I came to this late in life for a number of personal reason and consequently was very nervous about driving and in need of tactful re-assurance. I was very fortunate to get a fantastic driving instructor. Udo Sap living and working in Dublin.

Udo got me started and I was impressed with his philosophy of his instruction which was that I was not just learning to pass the driving test but also to become a competent , safe and happy driver. I always remember one of Udo’s saying ‘relax on the wheel’. This instructor is recommended especially to anybody older and more anxious who wishes to learn to drive.


Con Buckley, Drive Yourself

Massive thanks to Udo for helping me pass my driving test on first attempt today in Raheny Test Centre.
During our lessons he was more than helpful, very patient, pointed out my mistakes and helped me improve from lesson to lesson.
Thanks again for all the good advice, feedback and support!


Diana Gibney, Drive Yourself